SIZE MUSIC has been hiring musical instruments to schools and students for over 30 years.

We take great pride in our high level of service, and the quality of our instruments. All of our instruments are fully serviced in our own workshops, so you can be confident they play the best they can when you receive them.

When you hire from Size Music, you don’t need to worry about servicing or repairs, as we provide a fast, high quality maintenance service at no extra cost. Size Music also provides a free delivery and pick-up service to schools in metropolitan areas, and fast, efficient courier deliveries to other areas.

Why hire? Musical instruments can be expensive, both to buy and maintain. Hiring an instrument is a relatively small cost when compared to the new purchase price. Hiring allows the student to begin the learning process without the large initial cost. It means you can return the instrument if you wish to buy your own instrument or if it just doesn’t work out.

Schools will find that hiring instruments is a very flexible alternative to owning instruments. The instrument mix can be changed at any time to suit the school music program, there are no additional maintenance costs or worries, and there is no large outlay of funds required for the purchase of instruments.

Size Music supports the growth of music education in our schools and community and we believe our instrument hire program can provide an excellent service to your school, students, and parents or to anyone wishing to learn to play a musical instrument.

Music is our passion, and we hope we can pass on the joy of music to everyone.



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