Why hire? Musical instruments can be expensive, both to buy and maintain.

  • Hiring allows you to begin the learning process without the high purchase cost.
  • It means you can return the instrument if you wish to buy your own instrument or if it just doesn’t work out.
  • Regular maintenance or repairs are covered.
  • Quick and easy application in store.

The following prices apply for parents or students who wish to hire direct from SIZE MUSIC.

Hire prices per School Term or 3 months

Flute $90
Curved Head Flute $100
Piccolo   $110
Clarinet $90
Oboe $270
Alto Saxophone $170
Tenor Saxophone $210
Soprano Saxophone $220
Baritone Saxophone $460
Trumpet $90
Trombone $100
French Horn $270
Violin – all sizes $59
Viola $75
Cello – Full size $160
Cello – Part sizes $120
Classical Guitar $39
Electric Guitar Pack $70
Bass Guitar Pack $70
Keyboard $50
Other instruments Call us
  • Highest quality student instruments.
  • All instruments cleaned and serviced in our own workshops.
  • Excellent service guaranteed.


To hire an instrument, come in to our shop at 74 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside SA, and complete our hire application form. You just need to pay the first 3 months hire fee in advance, and you’ll be able to take your instrument home with you.

If you can’t come in, you can hire brass, woodwind and orchestral stringed instruments online. Go to our rental website at;


(Prices and Terms vary online)

  • Easy online ordering
  • Great prices
  • Free delivery
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