Why hire? Musical instruments can be expensive, both to buy and maintain. Hiring an instrument is a relatively small cost when compared to the new purchase price. Hiring allows the student to begin the learning process without the large initial cost. It means you can return the instrument if you wish to buy your own instrument or if it just doesn’t work out.

These prices are only available to Schools, where we invoice and deliver direct to the School. For individual hire, go to our Personal Hire page.

Hire prices per School Term

Flute $75
Curved Head Flute $82
Piccolo   $90
Clarinet $75
Oboe $220
Alto Saxophone $140
Tenor Saxophone $170
Soprano Saxophone $180
Baritone Saxophone $380
Trumpet $75
Trombone $82
French Horn $220
Violin – all sizes $47
Viola $62
Cello – Full size $125
Cello – Part sizes $95
Classical Guitar $30
Electric Guitar Pack $55
Bass Guitar Pack $55
Keyboard $40
Other instruments POA

Discounts available for School Band or Yearly Hire. Call us for prices.

  • Highest quality student instruments using the best brands.
  • All instruments serviced in our own workshops.
  • Free delivery, Australia wide.
  • Excellent service guaranteed.


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