Stravinsky #120 Violin Outfit

Brand: Stravinsky
Series: #120


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Available in sizes ranging from Full size down to 1/32

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An ideal instrument for beginners or school programs, the Stravinsky #120 series is well built, reliable, and produces a warm, mellow tone. Its ebony pegs and modern tailpiece make tuning easier, eliminating the hassles normally associated with cheaper violins.

Suitable for beginner to AMEB grade 3 level players.


  • Stravinsky violin with Piranito strings, case, bow & rosin.
  • One free check-up provided 6-8 weeks from date of purchase. A check-up will include alignment of the bridge, checking the position of the sound post and ensuring the pegs are operating correctly.
  • Great service by expert and professional staff.
  • All purchases covered by Australian Consumer Guarantees.

  •  Professional Instrument Setup.

    PRO-SET is an exclusive system we use to prepare new instruments for sale. Our expert technicians put the instrument through a comprehensive testing, adjustment and modification process. This ensures that the instrument will be ready to play at its best, from the moment you first take it out of the case.

    Take a look at our PRO-SET PAGE for further details.


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