Heinrich Gill W7 Violin

Brand: Heinrich Gill
Series: W7


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The W7 violin made in Germany by Heinrich Gill

The process begins with the selection of tonewood from Heinrich Gill's extensive inventory of European aged timbers. Heinrich Gill quantitatively measure the quality of wood under different physical aspects in order to arrive at an objective and clear determination of the qualities of the woods used. During the making process, the natural acoustic properties of the instrument components are continuously measured and monitored.

The result is a unique development of each piece of wood. Components are then perfectly matched and harmonized together – according to the carefully determined natural acoustical characteristics of the wood – to maximize the instrument’s potential.


  • Heinrich Gill W7 series violin, set-up with professional quality strings and bridge.
  • One free check-up provided 6-8 weeks from date of purchase. A check-up will include alignment of the bridge, checking the position of the sound post and ensuring the pegs are operating correctly.
  • Great service by expert and professional staff.
  • All purchases covered by Australian Consumer Guarantees.

  •  Professional Instrument Setup.

    PRO-SET is an exclusive system we use to prepare new instruments for sale. Our expert technicians put the instrument through a comprehensive testing, adjustment and modification process. This ensures that the instrument will be ready to play at its best, from the moment you first take it out of the case.

    Take a look at our PRO-SET PAGE for further details.


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