Korg KDM-3 Digital Metronome

Brand: Korg
Series: KDM-3


Available in Black or White

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A classic design with the functionality that you expect from a digital unit.
Make every day practicing more enjoyable with the KDM-3.

The KORG KDM-3 features an attractive look that resembles a miniature mechanical metronome, and a rich variety of beat patterns and metronome sounds. It's also packed with the convenient functions that you expect from a digital unit and will support your performance in situation, regardless of genre or instrument.

  • Eight metronome sounds, including a mechanical metronome sound

  • The design is not the only way in which this unit is reminiscent of a mechanical metronome. The KDM-3 now provides the sound of an acoustic mechanical metronome. You can also choose alternative sounds to suit your performance or instrument, including cowbell, rimshot, or voice. All of these sounds deliver a clear tone that is easy to hear and will not be obscured even by high-volume instruments.
  • 19 beat patterns support songs of any genre

  • In addition to 0-9 beats per measure with your choice of duplets, triplets, triplets omitting the middle note, quadruplets, and quadruplets omitting the middle notes, we've provided variations such as son clave and rumba clave, for a total of 19 built-in beat patterns. The tempo can be freely specified in the range of 30 to 252 beats/minute. From classic to pop, jazz, and Latin, this unit covers your needs in a wide range of genres.
  • Timer mode is convenient for practicing the basics

  • Timer mode is a function that operates the metronome for a specified length of time and then automatically stops. It’s a great convenience for warming-up or when practicing the basics.

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