Korg MA2 Metronome

Brand: Korg
Series: MA-2


Available in Blue/Black or Black/Red

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The MA-2 is the new must-have metronome for orchestral instruments.

An indispensable unit for rhythm training, and solidly covers the functions of a metronome. In addition to basic functionality such a wide tempo range and a generous number of beats and rhythm patterns, it also provides user-friendly features including an improved display, a loud, crisp sound, and additional functions such as a newly provided “timer mode.”

You can choose from three different methods of setting the tempo: pendulum step lets you specify a numeric value just as on a mechanical metronome, full step lets you specify the tempo in one-step increments, and tap tempo lets you specify the tempo by pressing a button in time with the song you’re playing. You can also combine a time signature of between 0–9 beats with eight types of rhythm, supporting many types of musical practicing.

Choose from two different vivid and stylish color schemes for the body: blue and black, or a black and red.


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