Monster Valve Oil

Brand: Monster


Available in 3 thicknesses

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Premium Valve Oil for Trumpet, Tuba, French Horn, Trombone, and Euphonium.

Developed by real professional trumpet players. Available in 3 different thicknesses.


  • TheĀ original formula valve oil.
  • Best application for all-around, hassle-free, quick-action, buttery-smooth, long-lasting use.
  • Takes forever to evaporate.
  • Appropriate for every trumpet ever made.

  • FASTER (Thinner)
  • ForĀ those who have brand spanking new close-tolerance valves
  • So fast. So smooth.
  • Still long-lasting.
  • Still a great choice for any instrument.

  • SMOOTHER (Thicker)
  • Have an older instrument with worn valves? This will make them behave nicely, and will help to seal the gap created between valve and casing due to years of use.
  • It's so smooth you will forget that your valves even exist.


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