1. Hire rates are per one term. All hire is payable in advance.
  2. Instruments hired after the commencement of the term (eg. after two weeks) may be discounted. Discounted rates begin after 4 weeks of term 1, and after 2 weeks of terms 2, 3 and 4.
  3. Hire instruments can be kept over the school holidays (at no extra cost) if the School continues to hire the instruments for the next term.
  4.  Instruments not required for next term must be returned by the end of the current term of hire.
  5.  Instruments returned late (eg. beginning of the next term), will be charged a late return fee.
  6.  A School Purchase Order must be received by us prior to orders being sent.
  7.  Hire fees must be paid by the School. Payments from individuals will not be accepted.
  8.  Hire instruments must not be transferred between schools without prior arrangement with Size Music.
  9.  We agree to maintain free of charge the instrument for normal wear and tear during the hire period. You are responsible for all other maintenance and repair work, including the replacement of consumable items such as reeds and strings. Further, any maintenance and/or repair work must be carried out by us and you agree not to allow any work to be carried out elsewhere.
  10.  You are responsible for loss, negligence and willful damage of the instrument, and we reserve the right to claim and be indemnified from you for damages and costs and other related expenses.
  11.  The instrument is insured against theft, fire and accidental damage, however, an excess of $250 per claim applies for theft and fire.
  12.  We issue hire receipts for any returned hire instruments. The hire instrument is your responsibility until you have the receipt. Please keep proof of freight dockets.
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