Professional Instrument Setup

PRO-SET is the system we use to prepare new musical instruments for sale. Our expert technicians put the instrument through a comprehensive testing, adjustment and modification process. This ensures that the instrument will be ready to play at its best, from the moment you first take it out of the case.

Every new instrument that goes through our PRO-SET process includes a checklist of tasks to be completed. Once the tasks are done, our technician signs the checklist so you can be confident in getting the best out of your new instrument.


The peg box is reamed ensuring the fittings are round and have full contact. This ensures easier use and better tuning hold.


Grooves are filed into the nut and then smoothed to remove sharp edges. This helps reduce string breakages. The height of the nut is adjusted for optimal play-ability.


The curvature of the fingerboard is assessed and specific alterations are made as necessary. The fingerboard is then smoothed and polished.


Each sound-post is measured, cut and positioned inside the instrument for the best tonal quality.


A high quality tailpiece is fitted to the instrument, with adjustments made to the tail nylon.


A new, French made, Aubert maple bridge is fitted. The bridge feet are shaped to fit flush with the belly of the instrument, to ensure the full tone transfers through the bridge and into the body. The height and curve of the bridge is adjusted to suit the unique qualities of each individual fingerboard.


A new string set is fitted. We’ve paired the most suitable strings for each model, so you get the best sound from your instrument.


Each instrument is checked and tested to ensure it plays to its full potential.

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