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Amazing Classic 50 Stand and Cart offer.

Wenger would like every School to experience the world famous Wenger Classic 50 quality. Your school has the opportunity to purchase Wenger’s most popular stand and music stand carts at our special education price.

Wenger Classic 50 stands

Education Special $92
• Quiet, rattle-free performance
• Polycarbonate desk & base
• Lightweight, yet durable
• Recessed desk lip keep pencil at the ready
• Won’t scratch, stay bent or dent

10 x Classic 50 Stands & Small Cart

Education Special $1,819

20 x Classic 50 Stands & Large Cart

Education Special $2,900

Signature Choral Risers – The Ultimate Performance Riser!

Our Signature risers were designed for those looking for superb stability, quiet performance and safe, simple set-up.

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